Alec Baldwin Unfairly Hassled on Plane for Playing Popular Phone Game

words with friendsWhen I heard this morning that 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin had been kicked off a plane because he wouldn't put his wireless device away, I thought, "Of course, that arrogant son of a ..." But then I heard what he was doing: Playing the mobile word game "Words With Friends." WAIT. Hold on there. They kicked someone off a plane for playing that?!?

Oh no. Listen, airlines. You need to make an exception for "Words With Friends." You just do. This game is very, very important to us. Would you take away a child's blankie? Would you deprive your grandma of her oxygen? Let me explain.


First of all, I hate all computer games, especially the ones you play on a phone (okay, except "Cut the Rope"). But I love "Words With Friends." See, Scrabble is highly addictive for nerds the most intellectually satisfying game you can possibly play on your phone. Some of us are writers and we need to practice using our words. Also, I'm currently kicking my brother's FUNDAMENT (15 points, yes) from 6,000 miles away and it feels really good.

As for you, my husband's nephew who just ANNIHILATED (15 points, Team AV!) me. I demand a rematch! Where was I? Oh yes. It's also fun because you can have multiple games going at once. Because you have that many words inside you that Must. Get. OUT.

The makers of "Words With Friends" are defending Alec -- as well they should. They send out a photo of a game that spells out LET ALEC PLAY with a score: "Alec 1; American Air: 0." Airlines, you just don't understand. But here's how we can resolve this. I challenge any airline executive to a game. I will DEMOLISH (14 points) your ass, and then you will know. You will understand why this game should be the one exception to the "please turn off all cellphones" request.

Have you played "Words With Friends"? Are you addicted to any smartphone games?

Image via Big C Harvey/Flickr

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