Celtics Player Doesn't Let NBA Ruin Young Fan's Awesome 'Extreme Makeover' Experience (VIDEO)

extreme makeover home edition ray allen boston celticsIt may be over now, but that damn NBA lockout really messed things up in a big way. Not only did it leave some players so bored they had to get married on TV and get divorced in a span of less than three months, but even worse, it meant others weren't able to make reality show appearances actually worth watching. As far as the latter's concerned, I'm talking about Boston Celtics player Ray Allen. He was supposed to be on last Friday's episode of ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, which he filmed back in September.

The episode revolved around the Walker family in Springfield, Massachusetts, who endured the loss of 11-year-old Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, who committed suicide after becoming a victim of bullying. Carl's 8-year-old brother, Charles Walker, is a huge Celtics fan, and Ray Allen appeared on the show to give him some gifts and support the family. But for the final version of the episode, Allen's heartwarming appearance was left on the cutting room floor.


That's because under the terms of the lockout (which was still going on when the show was edited), any TV show receiving permission to use NBA "marks" -- aka licensed apparel and memorabilia -- could not also feature an NBA player. And of course, the editors had no choice but to show the memorabilia over Ray Allen, since Charles's room in the new house was decked out in it. Still, so lame that the lockout prevented Allen's awesome appearance from being seen by Makeover audiences!

Thankfully, in the end, the NBA player was able to make it up to Charles by being there for him and hosting an assembly on bullying at his school on the day the show aired. So, in other words, the two got to hang out not once, but twice! And his family and friends witnessed the whole thing. Yay! There's no doubt this is something Ray should be proud of, and I'm sure Charles will look back on and remember it for the rest of his life. Too sweet.

Here's the clip of Ray Allen showing Charles his new bedroom for the first time ...

What do you think about Ray Allen's appearance on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition?


Image via ABC

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