Adele Uses Twitter in the Smartest Possible Way

adeleWhether you're a Twitter-aholic or you have nothing to do with the "micro-blogging" social networking site, you probably can't help but hear about various celebs' antics on there. From Ashton Kutcher to Sarah Palin, it seems like Hollywood's loudest and most chatterboxy are always running their mouths via eye roll-worthy tweets. On the other hand, some celebs just have their management team write their tweets -- which can certainly fall into a whole different world of annoying -- and critically acclaimed songbird Adele was rolling that way ... until this past weekend.

On Sunday, the singer tweeted, "Right! Its me! I will start tweeting if 10k of u start following drop4drop & their trip to India this wk. Its a wonderful charity. Go! A xxx" Of course, her fans were more than happy to oblige and follow the clean water initiative's Twitter account, and before you knew it, Adele had to keep promise and begin tweeting herself. Woot!


I say this is fabulous news for Twitter users! Adele's not going to be the kind of celeb to waste our time with pointless diatribes or vague, cryptic tweets we're forced to decode and analyze. If anything, judging from her lyrics, we might have to endure some over-emotionality ("Bollocks, I actually can't seem to find someone bloody like him! #BreakingUpIsHardToDo" or "Right, then, so rumor has it I fancy Rob Pattinson. He's lovely, but going for him would be like chasing pavements!") from her, but for the most part, I'll bet she uses her Twitter account to shine a little bit more light on her behind-the-scenes life and to drum up support for charities and do-gooder causes she cares about! (You know, kind of like Lady Gaga.) Definitely a worthy use of social media if I ever heard of one.

In fact, it's quite possible she'll actually be the much-needed antithesis to these empty-minded celebs who drone on about nothing of much substance via 140-character blurbs! YES! Hence why we should start following her ASAP!

What drives you nuts about celebs on Twitter? Will you follow Adele?


Image via Tim Whitby/Getty

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