5 Reasons Madonna's the NFL's Best Bet for Super Bowl Halftime Show

MadonnaIn case you have been living under a rock, word has it Madonna will be the official halftime act at the Super Bowl. Now come on people, we know she's not exactly some hot young act (because The Black Eyed Peas worked out so well last year?) but it's time to stop bellyaching about Madge getting the gig. Can the world of entertainment really come up with anyone better to put on a family-friendly show?

Er. OK, maybe they can. But that doesn't mean Madame Ciccone isn't the best thing that's happened to football since the instant replay. Get ready to print M-A-D-O-N-N-A on your jersey, because this is going to be the best halftime show EVAH! Here's some rock solid proof she belongs in the middle of the field in Indianapolis this February 5:


1. She hasn't dated a football player yet -- She's been linked to baseball player Alex Rodriguez and basketball player Dennis Rodman over the years, but Madonna has not wandered onto the football field to get friendly with any guys yet (at least not as far as the tabloids are telling us). She can hit the locker room after her performance for an NFL fix-up.

2. She loves a good pile-up of guys -- But here's hoping she understands she can't actually get out in the middle of the field during the game to get involved?

3. Nobody can out-Tebow Tim Tebow like Madonna -- Have you heard the lyrics to "Like a Prayer"? It's more or less the Madonna version of Timmy boy kneeling on the sidelines and praising the heavens for yet another T-D. And then there's her Kaballah phase ...

4. She's sure to have her own version of touchdowns -- Speaking of the TD, we're talking Madonna. Wasn't that a page out of her Sex book? It was somewhere after "wide receiver" and somewhere before "unnecessary roughness."

5. She pushes things to the borderline like Ndamukong Suh -- And here's betting it would hurt just as much to get stomped by one of her heels as it did the defensive tackle's cleat. Ye-ouch!

What do you think? Is Madonna football-friendly enough for a Super Bowl halftime show?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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