The Hottest Heisman Trophy Finalist Award Goes To ...

Robert Griffin III
Who's the most likely out of the five Heisman Trophy Finalists to take home the prize? Seems like most college football fans have their money on Baylor's star quarterback, Robert Griffin III. Based on Griffin's skills alone, he's definitely a safe bet for the win. But what if judges rated competitors by a different standard?

Namely, what if the Heisman Trophy went to the hottest player in college football?

Were that the case, the competition might have a very different outcome. Here's how the 5 finalists would rate if I were judging the contest ...


andrew luck

4th Runner-Up: Andrew Luck The Stanford QB is definitely a cutie, but he's still got a very boyish look to him. Another five years or so ... he just might get lucky.

Image via John Martinez Pavliga/Flickr

tyrann mathieu

3rd Runner-Up: Tyrann Mathieu The LSU cornerback is sweet enough to live up to his nickname: The Honey Badger. But the drug policy violation that got him suspended from one game this season knocks off a few hotness points.

montee ball

2nd Runner-Up: Montee Ball Check out those arms! All the Wisconsin RB needs to tie Barry Sanders' FBS record for touchdowns in a season is one touchdown in the Rose Bowl. Now that's hot.

1st Runner-Up: Robert Griffin III (See photo above) He's hot, don't get me wrong! He's just not as hot as my personal pick to snag this year's Heisman Trophy ...

trent richardson

Winner: Trent Richardson Maybe it's the dreadlocks. Maybe it's the tattoos. Maybe it's the smile. Whatever it is, the Alabama RB's got it, and then some. Plus, teammates say he's a genuinely nice guy.

Who would you pick to win this year's Heisman Trophy?


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