Hockey Team's 'Teddy Bear Toss' Is a Huge Win for Sick Kids (VIDEO)

teddy bear tossToday's inspirational sports story is brought to you by the letter H: Heartwarming, holiday, hockey, Hitmen. Happy, happy kids ... I'm talking about the Calgary Hitmen Teddy Bear Toss of 2011, of course! Definitely one of the sweetest traditions I've ever heard of, the Toss is something more teams should do this time of year.

It goes like this: When the Hitmen score their first goal of the game, fans toss stuffed animals -- thousands upon thousands of stuffed animals -- on the ice. It's quite a sight, not to mention a tearjerker, considering what happens to the stuffed animals after the game.


The plush toys are donated to kids in local hospitals, and the Hitmen even deliver them personally. They'll have their hands full this year -- thanks to generous fans, the team scored (ha!) 25,003 stuffed animals.

And that's what the Calgary Hitmen Teddy Bear Toss is all about, Charlie Brown.

What an amazing idea, right? So much more fun than the average toy drive, and effective, too. (I can't imagine too many charities manage to pull in over 25,000 toys in one fell swoop.)

Just watch ...

Do you think more teams should host Teddy Bear Toss events?


Image via YouTube

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