Raiders Linebacker Thinks Arrest Makes Great Photo-Op (VIDEO)

rolando mcclainHow do those old song lyrics go? Smile, what's the use of crying/You'll find that life is still worthwhile/If you just smile. Apparently Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain has made this advice his life's motto, and you should be thankful. Why? Because there's a dang funny photo to prove it.

See, McClain could teach us all a thing or two about keeping a positive attitude during a time of crisis. The man was in the process of getting arrested and still he managed to flash a big, cheesy grin at the camera. Impressive, right? Dude should be a motivational speaker!

Especially considering why he was getting arrested. Um, because there was sort of a bunch of reasons.


First there was the assault thing, then the menacing and reckless endangerment stuff. Then there was the part about him holding a gun to some guy's head, then eventually firing said gun (but apparently NOT aiming it at the guy, which is good).

Another thing that could have easily put a frown on McClain's face: He was in Alabama (the place of his arrest) to attend his grandfather's funeral. Some kinda week that guy's having, damn!

In fact, when you consider all the pieces of this puzzle, it starts to seem like maybe that smile on the linebacker's face is kind of a crazy one. Like, here it is on camera! The precise moment Rolando McClain snapped.

See for yourself:

Do you think Rolando McClain has finally gone mad?

Image via YouTube

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