Penn State Gives Joe Paterno a Doozy of a Farewell

Joe PaternoJoe Paterno fans, it's time to pitch the white socks and big glasses. JoePa is officially not coming back to Beaver Stadium. The Penn State Board of Trustees met this morning to ratify the nearly month-old decision to fire the legendary coach. It's for real this time.

But it isn't the fact that they voted unanimously that really drives home how final their decision of early November is. It's how they voted.


They didn't even bother showing up! Instead the trustees phoned in their votes to keep their one-time hero coach from returning to campus and again leading the Nittany Lions in a football game. It was all over in four minutes. How's that for a slap in the face? They couldn't have made it any clearer that Paterno's actions in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case were despicable if they'd filled a paper bag with poo and lit it on his doorsteps.

Mary Kay Paterno -- daughter of the 84-year-old coach -- showed up to represent him, and she voiced her discontent with the fact that even trustees who live locally couldn't bother to roust themselves from their homes or businesses to make the vote. But I'm not exactly sure what she expected. A bon voyage party for her dad? Cider and donuts?

As the resolution from the board reads, it's "in the best interest of Penn State ... that Joseph V. Paterno will no longer serve as head coach." That's what the trustees are all about; determining what's in the best interest of their school, not how to make an old man feel better about his decision to continue to chill with a guy who he had reason to believe was molesting little boys.

It might not be the classiest way to have handled it, but then again, Paterno didn't exactly leave the school on a classy note. What do you think of the way the trustees have treated their formerly beloved coach?


Image via jkahnpsu/Flickr

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