MSU Cheerleader's Dad Shouldn't Post Comments About Daughter's Booty

msu cheerleadersI can only imagine the relief Michigan State cheerleader Taylor Young's dad felt when he saw his daughter give a thumbs up to the crowd after taking a nasty spill during Wednesday night's game and lying motionless for several agonizing minutes. As a dad, he must have been thanking heaven that his little girl's body was intact. What if she'd been paralyzed from the waist down? What if she fractured her skull?

Or -- egads! What if her perky bum somehow tripled in size?!?!

Yes, that would have been the real tragedy. According to Charles Young's Facebook post, anyway.


Um, yeah. Along with a picture of his unconscious daughter flat on her face, her cheerleading skirt flipped up to display the poor girl's underpants-type things (when I was a cheerleader in junior high, we used to call them "lollies," but they probably go by a different name nowadays), her father posted this comment:

"I'm glad to see your booty isn't gettin' big ... no one likes a chick with a big butt ... love you"

Gee, thanks, DAD. Great to see you've got those paternal priorities in place!

Is this guy kidding? Plenty of people like a chick with a big butt!

Ahahaha! Seriously, folks. What kind of comment is that for a father to make about his daughter ON FACEBOOK??

Even Taylor apparently took issue with what was either her father's lame attempt at humor or display of inappropriate, misplaced concern:

"Common dad," she posted in response.

Well, I should say so! Why, Mr. Young is as common as a chimney sweep, crude man!

Ohhh ... she meant to say, "Come on, dad."

See, the poor girl is obviously brain-damaged, but everybody's too busy looking at her booty to even notice. What a shame.

Would your father ever comment about your "booty" on Facebook?

Image via Joel Dinda/Flickr

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