iPhone Siri's Responses to Abortion Questions Are Ridiculous

iphone siri abortion clinicsThe other day, my cousin asked me if you could change the iPhone personal assistant app Siri from a woman's voice to a man's, and I said, "I'm pretty sure the answer is, 'No.' Siri is a woman. iPhone users always refer to it as, 'she.'" Now I realize how ironic that is, considering that people have started noticing the app's rather misogynistic leanings.

Even if you don't have an iPhone yourself, you've probably heard by now that some of the "tricks" the app does include: Looking up "head shops" (as in barbershops) when asked for marijuana, finding "free blow jobs" (she shows you escort services), getting medical help for an erection that's lasted longer than five hours, or even locating where to "dump a body" (she'll point you to "swamps, dumps, reservoirs, mines, or metal foundries"). But ask her to help you find emergency contraception services, birth control, help for victims of sexual assault, or an abortion clinic, and Siri says, "Sorry, I couldn't find that." What the hell?!


Apple claims it's just a "glitch" and has reminded us that Siri is still in beta, so Siri's seemingly sexist handicap isn't intentional. But there's still something fishy about this.

Usually when you go to ask Siri to find something for you -- Burger King or a women's health clinic -- she searches local listings for those things. And if she can't locate them nearby, she might offer a Google search. But with birth control or abortion clinics, she just outright refuses to help. Kinda makes me think it's less a "glitch" than Apple would have us believe. Who knows, but it's strange.

Either way, the bottom line is that Siri -- or any form of technology (unless it's something actually created by or for a certain community, like a GOP Magic 8 Ball app or something) -- should have absolutely no bias or political leanings. It's not the job of software of Siri to judge or discriminate -- a query is a query is a query, and no matter what you ask for, the app should do its best to address it. (Especially if it's going to actually joke about "dumping a body!" Geesh!) Hopefully, Apple realizes fast they can't put all their eggs in fanboys' baskets with frat boy humor. They've gotta ensure Siri fulfills women's needs, as well.

Do you agree Apple needs to rectify this situation ASAP?

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