Kristin Cavallari Better Count on Jay Cutler Being Out for NFL Season

Jay Cutler Kristin CavallariIt sounds like Kristin Cavallari owes the San Diego Chargers football team a big Christmas gift this year. The Hills star confirmed via Twitter that her engagement to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is officially back on. Seems someone's pretty darn lucky that a certain rival football team broke her fiance's finger a few weeks back!

See, Cutler broke his reality star girlfriend's heart back in July when he "dumped" her (her words, not his). But it was more than a little coincidental that they went kaput just as the NFL lockout officially ended -- requiring Cutler take his butt back to Chicago and focus on football. It seemed a lot like Cutler was of the mind that he could only put his heart into one thing at a time, and football trumped fiance.


But now that his thumb's in recovery mode from surgery (he's got several pins and screws in there holding the finger together), the QB could very well be out for the entire rest of the season. That means no more football, as he's not attending meetings or even watching practice at the moment. As he told ESPN:

I want to play in Denver (on December 11), I want to play this week, I want to play in the Seattle game, But at the same time, this is only my sixth year, hopefully I'll have a lot of football left in Chicago. So I want to be smart about this.

Sounds like he'll have plenty of time to practice being a good fiance, huh? He can leave freezing cold Chi-town for some fun in the sun in Laguna Beach really getting to know each other again. And Cavallari will have plenty of time to whirl him around from store to store rebuilding another sweet and cozy registry while fully preparing herself to leave sunny California behind ... next football season. Maybe she should add a few Snuggies to that list? 

Do you think some bad news for the Bears could be the key to keeping Cavallari and Cutler together for good?


Image via Getty Images/Frederick M. Brown

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