Save More on Cyber Monday With These 4 Smart Tricks

According to a very important research study I read somewhere recently, more than half the adult U.S. population plans to do some holiday shopping from their office or home computer on Cyber Monday. That's, like ... *mouthbreathes, breaks out a calculator* ... over 120 million people who are trying, RIGHT NOW, to beat you to the Internet deal of the day.

The good news is that you can fight your way to that elusive Buy button from the comfort and safety of your own computer, which presumably will not resort to pepper spraying you if your shopping gets a little competitive.

Whether you're sneaking in some shopping on your lunch break or camping out for the day in front of the festive glow of the LED screen, here are few tips for saving time, cash, and sanity on Cyber Monday:


Dig around for deals.

There are a ton of deal aggregator websites that make it pretty easy to find some of the web's hottest sales today. An incomplete list includes
Deal News, The Black Friday, The Cyber Monday, GottaDeal,, and

Not only do most of these websites link to deals from hundreds of retailers, but many also offer coupon codes to help you save even more. Speaking of coupons, don't forget to check
Retail Me Not for promo codes, and you might even try Googling "promotion codes" or "coupon codes" + "whatever product you're thinking of buying" to ferret out any potential under-the-radar savings.

If you've got time, keep checking the item you've got your eye on, because prices may change throughout the day. Many retailers are planning to offer Cyber Monday deals during lunchtime, others plan to make the savings last all week. Amazon runs sales on limited supply items, so if you don't see something good right away, it's worth checking back to see what they've added.

Use social media.

If you don't mind cluttering up your friends lists for a little while, start following your favorite retailers on Twitter and liking them on Facebook. Most stores are likely to post deals on Facebook and Twitter as soon as it's available from their website. You could also check out
CheapTweet, which constantly tweets the latest savings from all kinds of deal websites.

Comparison shop.

Not sure you got the absolute best deal you could find? That's where a price comparison search engine come in handy. Try
PriceGrabber, Yahoo! Shopping, BizRate, or Nextag—all you do is type in the item you're looking for, and a list of offerings from various retailers pops up. Don't forget to factor in shipping and sales tax.

Stay safe!

You might avoid the stampeding crowds and occasional rogue shopper determined to Mace you over that last Xbox, but the web is rife with bogus deals today. Well, as it is
every day, but with so many eager shoppers ready to whip out credit cards, the scum-sucking scammers are on the prowl.

Make sure you make your final purchase from a reputable retailer website, and a good rule of thumb is to make sure a site has an “https://” heading before entering your payment or personal information. Also, be wary of any deal that looks too good to be true. (You suddenly get a pop-up window advertising an iPad 2 for $19.99? WARNING. WARNING. RED FLAG.) Lastly, experts recommend using credit cards for purchases, which are a little easier to dispute if need be and don't provide jerkface web criminals with access to your checking account.

Happy e-shopping!

Are you participating in Cyber Monday today, or do you prefer to do your shopping in person?

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