Apple Fanboys Are An Easy Target But Samsung Ads Are Still Funny (VIDEO)

apple fanboysHey, if you're a company as successful as Apple, you can afford to have a sense of humor, right? Apparently there are some Team iPhone members who got a bit huffy over Samsung's new 4G LTE smartphone commercials, which portray Apple fanboys as image-obsessed lemmings. Come on, really? Don't they know all's fair in love and advertising wars?

Besides, the commercials are so funny they're destined to be popular, which will ultimately make Apple even more money. Because unlike the segment of iPhone users to take offense at the campaign, most Apple "fanboys" are completely aware of the fact that they're image-obsessed lemmings and don't mind identifying themselves as such.


It's not like anybody buys an iPhone without knowing that the "insufferable hipster persona" comes with it, just like any other accessory. Yes, people with non-iPhone phones are going to give you a hard time. You put up with the ribbing because, honestly, the product is worth it.

Think about it: If you're super-happy with your phone, what do you care if people think the only reason you have it is because it's "cool"? Go ahead and call me a status-obsessed fanboy! I'll just be over here doing the satisfied customer thing.

Check out this video and tell me ...

Is this commercial offensive to Apple fanboys?


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