Samsung Won't Woo iPhone Lovers by Mocking Them (VIDEO)

Samsung mocks Apple customers
As Black Friday quickly approaches, all the big tech companies are making their pleas for us to get our grubby hands on the gadgets they're hyping this year. But instead of try to actually woo potential customers with good old-fashioned flattery ("You're so cool, you deserve to own this!"), emotional appeal ("This will fill your life with LOVE!"), or aspirational value ("Keep up with the Joneses by buying this!"), Samsung is trying to win the smartphone war with mockery.

They just came out with an ad -- set to premiere on Facebook yesterday and hit TV tomorrow on Thanksgiving -- for their Galaxy S II Android phone that lampoons Apple/iPhone culture, basically making Apple fanboys and fangirls out to be ridiculous lemmings who are so enamored by fancy packaging and slick marketing that we won't even give another product a chance. Yeah, okay, I admit, it's pretty funny.


Here's the clip.

I did crack up watching it, because yes, there are extremist Apple fans who act like this. They're lined up for days (when they could have just as easily pre-ordered the "next big thing" through an app on their current "big thing" and had it delivered to their home), they jump on every single Apple product that comes out (even if they know they're being played), and they roll their eyes at anything that doesn't have the "nifty" Apple logo on it.

I definitely don't fall into that camp, but like the Apple customers in the commercial, I have ZERO interest in a Samsung Galaxy phone. I simply don't care that my iPhone 4S works on 3G and has a smaller screen. It serves my needs well, and I'm a fan of what it has to offer, such as Siri, iCloud, iOS, iTunes, its seamless connectivity to my other Apple gadgets, etc.

Furthermore, this jealousy-driven spot doesn't make me want a Samsung or even entice me to blink twice at one. Maybe I just personally don't respond well to being mocked by marketing ... but I can't imagine any other iPhone users would react much differently. I think I can venture to safely say 99 percent of us are perfectly happy being the Steve Jobs Faithful. In the end, all this condescending ad will manage to wrangle out of us are a couple of self-deprecating chuckles.

Are you Team iPhone or Team Android? What do you think about this ad?


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