Plaxico Burress' Thanksgiving Gift Is Better Than a Good Football Game

plaxico burressNFL wide receiver Plaxico Burress, who was released from jail in June after serving a two-year sentence for carrying an unlicensed handgun into a NYC nightclub and accidentally shooting himself in the leg, seems to be on the right track. Not only has he resumed his football career and is playing this season for the New York Jets, but it also seems he's devoted to giving back by doing some good, old-fashioned charity work.

Burress was given two days off from Jets' practice earlier this week to travel to his hometown of Virginia Beach to hand out turkeys and hams at his old high school, swing by homeless shelters, and visit a middle school in East Harlem to recognize and reward the top 17 students there, who will get to go to the Jets-Bills game on Sunday. The football player also donated 20 computers to the school. So awesome!


The experience of being able to go back to Virginia was extra-special for Burress, because as he said, he "grew up in that community and knows what it's like not to have food on Thanksgiving Day." Wow ...

Even though this sounds like exactly what any generous, kind-hearted football player should be doing in the lead-up to the holiday season, it almost didn't work out for Burress. He had scheduled these events months in advance, thinking he had Monday and Tuesday of this week off, but when the schedule was changed for Thanksgiving, he almost had to skip the charity work to attend Jets' practice. Thank goodness Jets' coach Rex Ryan has a heart and stood by his initial "OK" of Burress's days off. He felt that he had given him his word.

In response, Burress said:

I think it just says a lot about him and the organization letting me go out and fulfill my obligations, because I would've felt horrible if I couldn't. It's just refreshing to be able to go down there and see the smiles on everyone's faces.

Aww, yes! So great. Good on him! Practice is important, sure, but Burress's charity work -- especially around this time of year -- is just as or even more important, on so many levels.


Image via Marianne O'Leary/Flickr


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