UFC Fighters' Plan to Help Sick Baby Will Warm Your Heart

Danny MillerHeartwarming is not a word you hear being used to describe the Ultimate Fighting Championship. But who doesn't love a surprise? UFC fighter Dan Miller and his sick son are being embraced by the MMA family big-time this holiday season, putting a whole list of mushy gushy adjectives in front of a sport even fans would dub violent and aggressive. 

And since fighting is what mixed martial artists do best, well, some guys in the sport are throwing a fight club seminar to raise money for the Miller family. It seems that even guys who beat the ever-loving crap out of one another for a living can't bear to see a baby in pain.


Dan's son Danny has been battling polycystic kidney disease (PKD) since Kristen Miller gave birth in January 2010. In two months, the tot will undergo a kidney transplant. But being a UFC fighter doesn't bring in millions of dollars the way a top-notch Major League Baseball player does. By some estimates, almost half of all UFC stars earn less than the median income in America. The Miller family is now facing huge medical bills, and they need the help.

The event in New Jersey next month is a perfect example of how two worlds can collide. People will be putting up money to learn fighting techniques -- the very definition of ferocity. In turn, the money will go to the Daniel James Miller Foundation, which bears a picture of a cute little baby on its Facebook page -- the very definition of warm and cuddly.

Kooky. But I love it!

It's a good reminder that looks can be deceiving. Just because a guy makes his living kicking and punching doesn't mean he's brutal outside of the ring. Most of these fighters are just average Americans, fathers and brothers who happen to be in great shape and have a talent for landing kicks and punches in just the right place.

And when a baby's in trouble, they'll do what your father or brother would: pull the shirt off their backs to help.

I like this kinder, gentler UFC, how about you? Want to show it? Donate to help baby Danny!


Image via Daniel James Miller Foundation

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