Facebook Phone Is Coming & Has a Really Wimpy Name

facebookYou know what we all need? Another option for a smartphone. The iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and million others simply aren't enough. Fortuitously, we're in luck! Facebook is rumored to be coming out with a phone. A Facebook phone! Except that's not the name of it. The name of it is ... Buffy. Well, Buffy's the code name. Supposedly.

Apparently, Facebook has been in talks to get into the phone business for a while now, and they just recently hooked up with Taiwanese cellphone maker HTC to create one that has the social network integrated at the core.

Oh, so many things are swirling around in my little brain right now -- and they all have "bad idea" integrated at the core.


First and foremost: Now? Facebook wants to get into the phone business now? We're already saturated with nine bazillion options for smartphones, there's no need to add another -- from a company who specializes in social networking -- to the mix.

Second of all, why? Facebook is already built into the core of all Windows phones, and you can access Facebook from pretty much all other smartphones. And those smartphones are good -- really good! Better than any first generation phone will be. When people are messing around on Facebook, don't you think they'll want to be on one of said good phones?

And can we talk about how a Facebook phone would be tacky? Would it have the logo on the phone -- anywhere? If so, bad (cheesy) idea. I think that would actually deter people from purchasing. I know it would for me.

And finally, does every single thing on the face of the Earth need to have social networking integrated within? Are we going to start combing social media with blenders, microwaves, and coffee makers? Where does it end?

Facebook, valiant effort, but my advice to you -- and I think I know a little bit more about technology than you, Mark Z. -- is quit while you're ahead. Phones aren't your bag, Facebook. Facebook is.

Would you buy a Facebook phone?


Image via GOIABA (Goiabarea)/Flickr

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