Ashton Kutcher Tweeted His Way Out of Marriage

stupid ashton after twitter gaffeRumor has it the final straw behind why Demi Moore filed for divorce last week was Ashton Kutcher's impulsive tweet protesting the firing of Penn State football coach Joe Paterno and saying the university had "#noclass." Even though Ashton turned over his Twitter account to his management after the incident, the damage had been done. A source said Demi saw the move as totally careless, that he "didn't really care about the details of things." But beyond that, I bet on some level, she realized what his Twitter screw-ups say about him as a person.  

Reminds me a lot of how John Mayer and Jen Aniston were rumored to break up over his obsession with tweeting. Come to think of it, Mayer and Kutcher have a lot in common. They should probably get together and start some kind of support group for Twitter addicts! Clearly, there's a market for such a thing and it could do a lot of good, being that social media is wrecking relationships right and left.


And not only does Twitter addiction ruin relationships, but I'd venture to guess it's also a sign a relationship is failing. You shouldn't need constant reassurance from Twitter followers or Facebook friends if you already have a solid relationship. And, at the same time, who the heck would want to be with someone who is constantly updating their status, chronically tweeting, always seeking attention and ego-stroking online? (Especially after they've proven they struggle with staying faithful!) Blehh! Yes, social media is cool, and celebs use it to keep up with fans or act as their own publicists (usually to their own detriment), but it's always better to live most of your life OFFLINE.

Either way ... it's definitely sort of a chicken or the egg question. The answer is likely that Ashton's dependence on Twitter and his challenged relationship with Demi were inextricably linked. In the end, it's actually a very sad testament to how people take social media use too far -- so far that they're landing in divorce court as a result.

Do you think Twitter and Facebook wreck relationships?

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