5 Thanksgiving Apps That Will Save Your Life (In the Kitchen)

thanksgivingTwo and a half days until Thanksgiving. Actually, correction, technically it's three days until Thanksgiving, but two and a half until Thanksgiving break for this blogger. What do I plan on doing with my time off? Probably something quite similar to you -- heading out to see relatives, stuffing my pie hole with any and all foods I can get my hands on (including, of course, pie), and getting the crap off of my laptop and iPhone.

Every time I have time off of work, I try to de-tech myself as much as possible, because, well, typically my hands are attached to an Apple product at all times. And that totally is my intention this week, as well. Except for the fact that I'm helping cook Thanksgiving dinner, and, well, there are really great apps for that. Here are five cooking apps you need before Thursday.


Chow Thanksgiving Dinner Coach. This app is perfect for simplifying dinner. There aren't nine million recipes in Chow, there are just nine. And they're probably the only nine you need, because they're the Turkey Day staples: Pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, etc. It's all about making things easy for the cook(s) -- and the best part is it's free. 

Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner Pro. Helpful and fun to use. Dinner Spinner offers a slot-machine-style interface that helps you search for -- or stumble upon -- new meal possibilities by rotating horizontal spinners to choose a recipe by meal type, ingredient, or cook time. Shake your phone to get a random recipe. The point of the app is to help you come up with ideas for dinner based on the ingredients you have, but you can also search for recipes and find plenty of Thanksgiving options.

OpenTable. The just in case app. I'm sure everything will totally go fine with my -- and your -- cooking extravaganza, but for the small chance that it doesn't, there's OpenTable. Browse through available reservations at more than 20,000 restaurants -- even at the last minute. We definitely won't need this app, but, you know, it's good for an emergency.

Baking With Dorie. Chef Dorie Greenspan's app uses something called CulinView, which is an iPad layout that gives visual cooking instructions as opposed to just text. It features videos of Greenspan showing off her baking techniques and beautiful photos sure to inspire you. Me likey. The app is regularly $12.99, but is currently on sale for the holidays for $7.99.

Ratio. Perfect for those who are, ahem, mathematically challenged. Ratio is basically an ingredient calculator. For instance, if you only have one cup of milk and your recipe calls for three, Ratio will do the ingredient math so you can still make your dish, just less of it. Awesome.

So, okay, I guess I will be uses some technology this Thanksgiving. But only a little. And after dinner's finished, it's no more apps for me. Unless of course, we want a great recipe for leftovers.

Do you use apps or technology when cooking?


Image via Pink Sherbet Photography/Flickr

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