Lee Corso's F-Bomb Was Perfect But Still Apology-Worthy (VIDEOS)

Lee Corso
Lee Corso during his apology

Always-crazy and emotionally charged college football analyst Lee Corso excitably dropped the F-word today on ESPN (more specifically he said "F*ck it!"), and I have to admit, unlike some of his previous gaffes, it was a pretty perfectly timed and hilarious moment for the word. I know some of you are going to get all over my case for this, but for me, nothing beats a perfectly placed and brilliantly timed F-Bomb. Lee Corso's slip today totally fits the bill.

See Lee Corso's F-word slip, as well as his apology after the jump.


WATCH Leo Corso's F-Bomb:

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What do you think? Did you laugh or were you appalled at his lack of professionalism and just glad your kids weren't watching?

Like so many words, the F-word can definitely be used for evil, but it can also be used for good (laughs), as in the case of Corso's slip earlier. Just watch how his on-air cohorts erupt in laughter before they realize the oops that just occurred (alright, maybe the guy on the right is stunned from the get-go).

Obviously, I'm glad Mr. Corso made a quick and public apology for his slip. It was definitely the right and professional thing to do. Of course, it doesn't make the slip-up any less perfectly played. It just doesn't belong on TV.

WATCH Lee Corso's apology:

Do you think there's ever a time and a place for the F-word?


Image via ESPN

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