David Beckham's Attack on Racism Makes Him Even Sexier (VIDEO)

david beckhamFightin' words with hateful overtones -- or, okay, sometimes in-your-face racism attached -- are sadly nothing new in sports. Unfortunately, the past year alone has brought us various nasty incidents in which pro athletes have butted heads and then mouthed off with a slur (hey, Kobe, what's up?). There have even been racist incidents involving fans. All the while, you'd think soccer might be one of the sports that could rise above it. It's so internationally beloved, after all, you'd think the players would be worldly enough to not say despicable things to one another. But no. They still do, and FIFA president Sepp Blatter (unfortunate name, eh?) has the solution ALL sorts of wrong!

He recently said he thought disputes related to racism on the field could be settled simply with a handshake at the end of the game. Oh, please! Thankfully, football's got another figurehead with a lot more common sense: Sexy superstar David Beckham to the rescue!


Becks knows exactly how to "bend" racist incidents on the field. I'm sure that over the course of his career, he's been there and seen it all. That's why he definitely has the ground to stand on to denounce Blatter for his asinine assumption. The hottest soccer dad ever said:

There obviously is, and has been, racism throughout soccer and in life over the last few years ... It can't be swept under the carpet, it can't be sorted out with a handshake. That's not the way of the world and that's not how racism should be treated.

Oh, man! Did Beckham somehow just get even SEXIER?! Who even knew that was possible?? But OMG, the powerful, fluid way he just took Blatter down and approached a touchy, difficult topic with such humanity. Hotttttt. Whoa, I mean, we all knew he could play soccer and do steamy modeling work, but I just didn't realize he had it in him to speak out so diplomatically about a major issue. Furthermore, we all know that Sepp guy's got nothin' on Becks when it comes to worldwide admiration and influence. Now that David's denounced Blatter, the entire soccer world is going to want to put the soccer icon up on their shoulders and make him the president of FIFA! 

Hey, maybe this is a sign that when he retires from "footie," he has another career waiting for him ... achieving world peace!! Swoon.

For even more eye candy, here's a video of Becks talking to the press about handling racism on the field ...

Do you think the way Becks denounced Blatter makes him even sexier?

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