Tragic Death of Oklahoma State Coach Is a Loss for Everyone

basketball courtStill more tragedy in the world of college sports, this time involving the sudden loss of a devoted husband and father. Oklahoma State women's basketball coach Kurt Budke was killed Thursday night when the small plane he was flying on crashed in Arkansas. His assistant Miranda Serna was also killed in the crash; the two were on a recruiting trip at the time.

I can't imagine the shock and sorrow Budke's wife and children are experiencing right now. Coaching college basketball is not supposed to be a dangerous job. In his seventh season at Oklahoma State at the time of his death, 50-year-old Budke was known as an "outstanding coach and wonderful person" who raised the profile of his team tremendously.

So not only was Budke's passing unexpected, it also feels terribly unfair. Which must make everything that much harder for his family.


I guess clichés become clichés for a reason, because "only the good die young" is the phrase that keeps coming to mind. Why is it that good, upstanding fathers and husbands like Budke are taken from their families in such horrific ways while other fathers and husbands who spend their time on earth causing tremendous pain and suffering are allowed to live to a ripe old age?

This isn't even the first time Oklahoma State has experienced this kind of tragedy. In 2001, two Oklahoma State men's basketball players and eight others died when their plane crashed near Denver on the way home from a game at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

The cause of the plane crash has yet to be determined, but I'm afraid knowing the reason why the craft went down won't do much to comfort Budke's loved ones.

Though hopefully it will help to prevent another loss like this in the future.

What words of comfort would you have for Budke's family?


Image via j9sk9s/Flickr

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