Little Girl Has Heartbreaking Reaction to Vikings' Loss (VIDEO)

little girl cries that vikings lose to the packersAfter the Minnesota Vikings lost to the Green Bay Packers last Monday night, I'm sure there were plenty of heartbroken fans. But none perhaps as a little girl who exhibited major loyalty to her fave NFL team.

The tyke was having a meltdown of magnificent proportions, Blair Witch-style crockadile tears, sniffling, and all. Her mama even filmed the freakout, asking her, "Why are you crying?" And the little girl was pretty much inconsolable, gazing at her mother with these big, sad eyes, I'm sure she was thinking something like, "DUH, MA, my team bit the dust, so I AM LOSING IT, right here, right now!!"

It's kinda heartwrenching to watch ...


Here she is in all her Vikings-lovin', Packers-hatin' glory:

Yeah, whoa, and you thought grown-ups took it hard when their fave team lost. Eeesh!

Of course it's totally normal to root for your team and be forlorn, okay, maybe even devastated when they get crushed -- especially at a really big game. And having so much team spirit is amazing -- there's definitely something to say about proudly waving your team's flag -- but come on now. It's just a game, right? It kills me a bit to watch this little girl lose it over one loss! Like her mom said, they could definitely win the next time. Hopefully, this little girl knows or will soon learn that it's all good to be a fan, but if they do let you down, IT's GONNA BE OKAY!!

What do you think about this little girl's meltdown? Are you this hopelessly devoted to your own fave team?


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