Hope Solo's Losing Streak Is a Win for the Rest of Us

hope soloAww, poor Hope Solo. No wonder the 30-year-old Olympic soccer star was "inconsolable" after being kicked off Dancing With the Stars. I mean, the girl is kind of on a losing streak.

It was just a few months ago that Solo helped team USA make it all the way to the 2011 FIFA World Cup semifinals in Germany ... only to watch her side go down on penalties to Japan.

Now she'll be forced to forever live with the fact that her Argentine tango with DWTS partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy didn't quite hit the mark, either. And she was so close! Both times!


I really do feel for Solo. Repeated public losses can't be fun for anyone. Still, even though she probably can't see it now, that ugly gray cloud of defeat does have a silver lining.

Here's the thing: Everybody loses from time to time (some of us more than others). It's just an unavoidable part of the human experience, but it still makes us feel bad. So to see someone as beautiful and talented as Solo losing is comforting.

Not in a messed up schadenfreude kind of way, of course ... it doesn't make me happy when Solo loses. It does, however, remind me that no matter how skilled, gorgeous, motivated, and hard-working a person might be, no one is guaranteed to come out on top every time.

Thinking about Solo's setbacks has the power to remind us that losing does not make us unworthy human beings. Do we think of Solo as an unworthy human being because of the World Cup or DWTS? No, of course not. Nor should we think of ourselves as unworthy human beings when we make mistakes.

Do you think Hope Solo's losing streak will end soon?

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