Shaquille O'Neal Thinks Infidelity Is an Athlete's Privilege

Shaq UncutI'll say this about Shaquille O'Neal. One of the heaviest players to ever hit an NBA court certainly takes that saying "go big or go home" to heart. In his new book, Shaq Uncut, the former LA Laker has come out with advice for fellow athletes on how to manage all those ladies throwing their panties at you when you're on the road.

Go ahead and cheat! Just do it with a little class. Hey, just because I said he went big doesn't mean he used his brain!


But we can all disagree with the man and still be intrigued by what he's saying, right? O'Neal -- who is known for having a giant set of brass ones, and using them -- has given us a rare glimpse into the mindset of these power hungry guys who are out on the road:

With so many options, a man is likely to sample. For many women, outside of that whole, “being faithful” thing, the biggest issue with cheating is the public humiliation of it all. The guys that learn how to keep those indiscretions in the dark, usually keep all parties happy.

And this, ladies and gentleman, is why those "So and So is really my baby's daddy" lawsuits crop up every third day in these here United States! Read a little into Shaq's words, and the way he tells it, this is something he thinks an athlete deserves ...

Because part of the training of a world class athletes is mental; it requires teaching them that they are superior human beings who can take on anyone and anything. Talent will get you on the court. Confidence will get you the championship ring. For many of these athletes, those "options" they're sampling on the road aren't women so much as they are prizes, something they feel they've earned because of the work they put into the game and the long hours they spend away from their families. 

I guess it works ... for awhile. Because one day, when their bodies betray them, and they aren't being flown from city to city, these athletes have to realize these prizes don't sit in an emergency room when you have been throwing up for three days. They don't hold your hand at your grandpa's funeral.  

Players' wives are there after the game is over; those "options" aren't. Athletes looking to take his advice would do well to remember Shaq is divorced these days.

Do you think Shaq's describing a typical athlete's mindset?


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