Now You Can Get Models to Strip on the iPad (VIDEO)

moosejaw xray appHaving an iPad or an iPhone makes you hip and happenin', right? Well, apparently, it can also make you a total creep who leers at nearly naked women in catalogs after stripping them of their clothes. Sort of.

free app called Moosejaw X-Ray (Moosejaw is a Michigan outerwear company) lets techie outdoor types "experience the latest Moosejaw Outdoor Gear and Apparel Catalog in a whole new way." How so, you ask? Well, simply hold your device over the catalog, and you can see all the models in their skivvies! Their clothes disappear -- like magic! This is totally a teenage boy's dream: North Face jackets and hot, nearly bare models all at once!

Talk about a sales gimmick. And I'm sorry ... but isn't that what Playboy is for?


First thing's first, let's take a look at the app at work:


You know what this reminds me of? The whole controversy back in 2003 over Abercrombie having almost-naked models in their Christmas Field Guide when they're marketing their clothes to consumers under 18. The Moosejaw stunt is a little different because until you download that specific app, the models are pictured with all their clothes on. But it's still just as tasteless.

This isn't the first product of its kind, though. Remember False Flesh from earlier this year? That one was even worse! Similar to Adobe Photoshop, the program was marketed to consumers under the guise that you can upload any picture, "remove" a person's clothes, and see a "previously unobtainable image." Seriously, someone please tell me what wonderful people come up with these obscure, wackadoodle concepts!

I also have to note: Nowhere on the Moosejaw website do I see these lacy black bra and underwear sets for sale. Talk about false advertising! This is a classless way for an outerwear company to get some national attention and sell their lame clothes. I'd much rather they came out with some "Frogger"-like app, where I could be a cute little ski bunny trying to cross the mountain. Now THAT'S an idea I could roll with.

What do you think of Moosejaw's X-ray App?


Image via Moosejaw X-Ray App for iPad

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