Throw Pregnancy Tests at Justin Bieber in Hysterical Baby Mama Game

justin bieber video gameIt was only a matter of time before people other than tabloid magazines and gossip blogs profited off of Justin Bieber's baby mama drama. A computer programmer recently created an online game entitled, Bieber Fever: Who's the Daddy? based on the pop star's current woes.

The game features an animated version of the Biebs and Mariah Yeater, the woman who's claiming he's the father of her child (the likeness is actually kind of uncanny). The "premise" involves loading Yeater with pregnancy tests and hurling them at Justin. I tried to give it a whirl and didn't quite succeed -- not sure if that should be attributed to my general suckiness at video games or if it's just confusing. Either way, the fact that somebody took the time to create this is hilarious. Sorry, Selena Gomez, but it is.


I'm imagining that the person who came up with this is either unemployed, ridiculously quick when it comes to creating ... computer stuff, or just straight-up obsessed with Bieber. If he or she is unemployed, well, this is a pretty good thing to add to their portfolio. That tattoo on Mariah's backside? I'm not sure if it even really exists, but it's quite a nice touch. Good attention to detail.

I don't think the game is going to take off or anything, but I feel better knowing that it's out there in the world. Oh, come on, it's not doing any (more) harm to the Biebs. It's just good old-fashioned pregnancy test throwing fun. Give it a try.

Do you think this is funny, or not so much?


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