Hilarious 4G Holiday Ad Is Unintentionally Kinky (VIDEO)

t-mobile holiday adApparently the naughty list is the place to be this holiday season! Especially if you're a freaky elf with magenta hair who's been promoted from toy train patrol to Santa's tech department. That's how T-Mobile's "4G Wonderland" commercial makes it seem, anyway.

Yup ... that's right ... 4G Wonderland. Except that once those elves start singing, it doesn't really sound like they're serenading smartphones, if you catch my drift.


You don't catch my drift? Really? Do I have to spell this one out for you?

Fine. "4G" rhymes with what sexy, swingin' term? Oh yeah, baby! Those pointy-eared wild thangs be walkin' through an ORGY WONDERLAND! Bom chicka wah wah ...

Don't believe me? Just watch! You'll never look at a smartphone -- or an elf -- in quite the same way.

What do you hear when you listen to this song?


Image via YouTube

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