NFL Cheerleaders Need Your Help to Fight Breast Cancer (VIDEO)

nfl alumni cheerleaders do you remember videoWhat do you get when you combine 136 NFL Alumni cheerleaders, 272 bright pink pom-poms, and one awesome dance performance? A powerful viral campaign to kick breast cancer! A crowd of former NFL cheerleaders descended upon a football field recently to form Team Ra-Ras and to learn and film a routine. It looks like it was, in the words of one of the coaches, "organized chaos." But also, a lot of fun! Not to mention that what they were doing was for an amazing cause.

See, when the video of Team Ra-Ras' routine gets 5 million views, UnitedHealthcare of Pennsylvania will donate $50K to the Philadelphia Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure to empower the fight against breast cancer. At 8 million views, UHC will donate ANOTHER $50K! Whoa! Thing is ... we're swiftly coming up on the proposed deadline of December 13, 2011, and the vid needs a couple more million views to reach 5 mil.!

You can contribute, though, just by checking out the video below.


See the ladies of the NFL get down to "Do You Remember" by Jay Sean. Totally cute song choice, being that it definitely looks like it was a reunion for the women.

Looks like they had a blast, right? I especially love the part around 3:00, when they cut to the wide shot, and you can see just how coordinated they all are. I was on a pom-poms dance squad in junior high, and let me tell you -- getting more than three dancers to be in sync for a large-scale routine like this is no easy feat. It definitely takes endurance and, yes, athletic skill! Color me impressed with all these Ra-Ras! Now, let's help 'em rack up the video views, so that moolah gets put toward beating breast cancer once and for all!

What's your favorite part of the video or the dance itself?


Image via YouTube

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