Tim Tebow 'Jesus Jerseys' Are Harmless

Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow
Okay. I know Tim Tebow fans are loyal with a capital ... who am I kidding, they're LOYAL in all caps. So I guess if you're a true Tebow supporter, altering the jersey of the NFL quarterback for the Broncos to read "Jesus" instead of "Tebow," wouldn't seem over-the-top. Particularly since the QB is so emphatically Christian, he once painted scripture references on his eye black.

Here's the thing: It is over-the-top, not to mention tacky, to imply that a football player is the Messiah. (Plus, can you even picture Jesus playing football?? Foosball, perhaps.)

BUT ... Tebow and his disciples have every right to reference the Son of Man whenever they please. It's not like he's the first celeb with a god complex. Remember when Kanye West posed as Jesus for Rolling Stone, crown of thorns and all?


Consider the annual abundance of I wanna thank my lord and savior Grammy award acceptance speeches. True, these celebs don't go so far as to wear Jesus name-tags, but they're so exuberant in their thanks that no one could blame you for half-expecting The Man Upstairs to reach down from the heavens and high-five the winning musicians.

So I don't particularly think Tim Tebow fans are breaking new ground here. Yeah, he's one heck of an arrogant God-fearing dude, but who cares?

Of course I would take back everything I just said if, say, another NFL player put a Darwin fish on his jersey and the Tebow contingent cried foul.

Tolerance goes both ways.

Are you offended by the Tim Tebow "Jesus" football jerseys?


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