Soldier's Surprise Homecoming Makes Even Toughest Hockey Fans Cry (VIDEO)

soldier homecomingHockey is one of the toughest sports there is, and fans love the hits, the slams, and the blood. But no matter how brawny the crowd, there likely wasn't a dry eye in the house when the Boston Bruins played the Buffalo Sabres on Saturday.

In honor of Veterans Day weekend, the team invited Daron and Lori Jacobs, the parents of Lt. Charles Jacobs, who is currently serving overseas in Afghanistan, to drop the ceremonial puck. They were overwhelmed enough with emotion just at the mention of their son's service, but what happened next was amazing. Watch.


They had no idea their son would actually be there, and then out he came. Their reaction is so genuine and loving, and the fans and players are clearly moved too. I cry every time I watch it, and I especially just want to hug his mother. I can only imagine all the hours she's spent worrying about him and his safety, and counting the days until he returns. Seeing him there surely answered a thousand of her prayers.

I love surprise solider homecomings because they show just how many people sacrifice when one solider serves. It's their kids, their spouses, their parents, and grandparents, and of course, themselves. So to see the happiness when they return home safely just brings about so many emotions of gratitude and admiration for all they do, and also reminds us of the many who are still over their serving. Reminders of that in such a public way are amazing, and I don't think we can ever see too many.

Did this video make you cry? What's the best surprise solider homecoming story you have seen?

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