YouTube Hit Marriage Proposal on Train Will Make Your Day (VIDEO)

flash mobWhile I waited for my delicious veggie enchiladas to bake last night, I perused the Internet for some viral video goodness to kill the time. And what did I happen to stumble upon? Oh, you know, just something awesome, that's all. Of course I immediately thought of you, dear stranger, because, well, I feel like we've developed a bit of a rapport; I think you'll enjoy this uplifting video that currently has over a million hits on YouTube as much as I.

Here's the set-up: A bunch of weary-looking London commuters are on the 7:57 train on their way back from work when all of a sudden ... they break out into Bill Withers' "Lovely Day" (you know the song)! And they dance! And there's a teary-eyed marriage proposal at the end! Need I say more?!


I mean, come on, right? Typically, I'm not the biggest fan of flash mobs (yeah, I said it), but this is pretty damn great. And a delightful way to end a workday, I might add. But the video, which, of course, has gone crazy viral, got me thinking: Flash mobs and viral vids really have raised the bar on certain events (I.E., marriage proposals, birthdays, hell commutes!). How do we top this crap?

The answer I came up with is, well, we don't. Or we do with a ton of impeccable planning. But who really has time for that? Not my husband, who, luckily, got his proposal out of the way a few years ago. And not me, who, frankly, is just lazy and shies away from any type of competition. The way I look at it, these flash mobs, which pretty much always go viral, are basically just here for our entertainment. And to remind us that there are much more creative, ambitious people out there. Keep up the good work, guys! We'll be here on the other side of the Internet!

Have you ever been part of a flash mob? Have you ever seen one live?


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