NBA Lockout Teaches Us How Good Life Is Without Basketball

NBA LogoIs the NBA lockout an exercise in perspective?

I love basketball. I have a favorite NBA team, favorite players, and very fond memories of great games and close calls. Yet, I don't miss the NBA at all.

The current lockout between the players and the owners of the National Basketball Association has done something that no other stoppage in professional sports has been able to do, and that's make Americans realize they don't really care whether the league plays or not.

The NFL came close with their heated negotiations, but they were able to salvage their season before fans realized that Sundays are great for a lot more than football. The NBA hasn't been so lucky.


I live in Los Angeles, a town that takes professional basketball almost as seriously as it takes itself. This time of year, everything is usually covered in Lakers flags, posters, and news, and every so often you might also see a Clippers item, but not this year.

Instead our November days are filled with hope for the Dodgers and the constant promise of a new football team. We talk about hockey and college sports, politics, and our families. Nobody talks about basketball and life goes on without it.

What the NBA has failed to see is that most people don't care who is right or wrong in their arguments and the countering of them. Most people haven't even bothered to give the talks more than a passing glance. Instead, we are spending our allotted ticket money on food, bills, and gas. We are spending our three hours of nightly game time on family, friends, and the occasional good book.

The fans are moving on, NBA, and they are probably better for it. We have you to thank for that.

Good luck on your sticking points.

Do you miss the NBA?


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