Man Who Called 911 About Broken iPhone Should Have Tried This Instead

michael alan skopec mug shotEverywhere you go, you see proof that people are more and more addicted, co-dependent, attached at the death grip to our smartphones. A woman texting while she's out on a date at a restaurant (so annoying!), a guy FaceTiming as he works out at the gym, a mom texting as she drives (the WORST!), etc. It's bad, and seriously, our dependence on smartphones is just making us more stupid. And can you imagine if, out of the blue, these folks' treasured gadgets BROKE? Oh noes! What the hell would they do then?

One 48-year-old Illinois guy, Michael Alan Skopec, experienced that exact devastating moment when, apparently, his iPhone broke. And he was soooo upset (and intoxicated, duh) that it was seemingly out of commission that he CALLED 911 FIVE TIMES. Oh, how I wish I was kidding! What a total jackass!!

Clearly, there are a bevy of things the guy could have done instead. A few suggestions ...

  1. Who knows if his iPhone was really even broken? Maybe he was calling 911 from it and the whole thing was a drunk dial sham! If that was the case, he could have avoided the whole thing if only he had installed the Don't Dial app before his drinking binge, which blocks certain numbers before you go out boozin'!
  2. He could have held a one-person sit-in at his local Apple store (call it Occupy Genius Bar!), you know, until the store actually opened, and then he could speak with someone about fixing his iPhone. Amazing!
  3. He could have used a nearby functioning computer to Google what was wrong with his iPhone. See, search engines = really easy to use, even while intoxicated! Wow, rocket science!
  4. Two words every iPhone owner should live, breathe, know, and practice: Hard. Reset.
  5. He could have done the second most reactionary thing and headed to Best Buy to replace his iPhone with a superior Droid*. (*All you Apple haters better give me props for this one!)
  6. If he needed to send a message to someone so badly, there are still PLENTY of ways to do that ... email from a real computer ... writing an old-fashioned letter ... Morse Code?
  7. He could have and probably SHOULD HAVE gone to sleep and woken up the next morning, only to find out that his iPhone probably just needed to be charged.

But no, instead, the guy got arrested for his tool-ish behavior, and the cops said there was nothing they could do about his "malfunctioning smartphone." He was released, but has to appear in court on November 18. Agh. Seriously, the more stories like this, the more faith I lose in humanity ...

What do you think about this idiot guy? Do you think people are too dependent on their smartphones?


Image via Kendall County Sheriff Dept.

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