Security at Penn State Football Game Won't Stop the Riots

fans waiting to get in to watch penn state gameThe game will go on at Penn State tomorrow, and as of this morning, there's plenty of potential for a showdown. Just consider what happened on Wednesday, when riots broke out in response to head coach Joe Paterno being fired, state police resorted to using pepper spray to control the crowds, and damage included the destruction of five light poles, a light pole on campus, six street signs, etc. Or the fact that assistant coach Mike McQueary has received "multiple threats," keeping him away from tomorrow's Penn State v. Nebraska game. Locals around the campus and the State College Police force have already said that they wouldn't be surprised if violence breaks out -- whether Penn wins or loses.

If Penn wins tomorrow, police think fans will be triumphant, rioting to express the power of the program to withstand the Jerry Sandusky scandal.


I've never understood rioting as a result of winning. But it happens. I remember when the Chicago Bulls were kicking butt all through the '90s, and for some reason, the Windy City had TONS of riots to contend with as a result.

There's also the possibility Penn loses ... and then, fans will "blame it on the hits the program has taken." Either way, I'm betting tomorrow's game and its aftermath could turn really ugly very fast.

Authorities are prepared, having already stepped up security and extra police like whoa. Additional state police troopers will be on hand, the State College police force officers will all be there, and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has the option of activating the Army National Guard to maintain order at the game -- there's a rumor that could happen. Whoa, right? All this for what's supposed to be a regular old "take me out to the college football game" day. I know it's a greatly anticipated game, that the players want to continue on as normal, it's the last home game of the season, etc. But if I were a fan, given the threats that seem to be adding up here, I'd be choosing to stay far, far away. 

Do you think there will be violence at tomorrow's Penn State game?


Image via William F. Yurasko/Flickr

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