Nook Tablet & Kindle Fire Battle Boils Down to One Thing

amazon kindle firenook tabletSteve Jobs gave us the iPad, and now that he's gone, we've got what's basically an explosion of similar products showing up to wage war on the sexy Apple tablet. The latest challengers: Amazon's Kindle Fire (pictured left), which launches on November 15, and the Nook Tablet (pictured right), which arrives three days later. The two brands seem to want to fight to the death, take one another down, go head-to-head, and make sure they're the ones everyone's buying for themselves and loved ones this holiday season.

There are plenty of reviews for each -- none of which have seemed to be able to define a clear winner. For every plus the Kindle Fire has (like, say, having a slimmer profile), the Tablet has a perk (weighs 5 ounces less). For every minus, the same. Both have 7-inch displays and run on their own version of Android. And let's be honest -- both are basically eReaders-turned-glorified portable TVs.


With the Nook, you get Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Pandora. Plus books and magazines, of course. With the Kindle, you get Netflix, Facebook (who cares), and access to more apps than with the Nook reportedly. So, clearly, it's a toss-up.

Seems to me it's going to come down to whether you're more an Amazon fan girl or a Barnes & Noble queen. Which brand is sexier? Which makes you want to pledge your allegiance to it? Do you think that Nooks are for old people who like to be able to go into their local B&N branch and whine about how their buttons are stuck? Okay, so you probably will buy the Kindle Fire. Are you skeptical about storing all your media on some "unsafe cloud"? Then, go get your new Nook Tablet.

Whichever tablet wins this war isn't going to win it, because their specs are above and beyond. If one wins, it's because they managed to look "cooler." This is much more about perception and reputation ... like a junior high popularity contest!

And while we're going with that example, you know, try as the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet might to be the most beloved gadget in school, the ringleader holding Homecoming court is the iPad. After all, she's still the only one with the whole package (Bluetooth, GPS, front- and rear-facing cameras, smaller screen sizes, and 3G connectivity).

Which new tablet are you more intrigued by? Do you think the iPad beats both?

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