5 Football Hunks We'd Rather See Naked Than Michael Vick

michael vickNFL player and one-time criminal Michael Vick just can't seem to stay out of the news for the scumbuckiest things. It's like he's on a constant mission to up his sleaze-osity factor. The dogfighting thing may be way in his past at this point, but now, a woman is shopping around a nude photo of the Philly Eagles player. Apparently, she also has photos of herself with Vick, letters from when he was in jail in 2007, and various texts. (No confirmation on whether they're dirty a la Tiger Woods or Tony Parker.) Vick isn't married, but he is engaged to the mother of his two kiddos. No wonder the guy was just voted the most hated NFL player!

That said, good freakin' luck to this lady with cashing in on her nakey shots of Vick! Who wants to see someone they loathe in the buff? On the other hand, here, five other football stars we would actually pay to see naked pics of.


1. Tom Brady. This is a given. It rubbed me the wrong way when he busted up with ex, Bridget Moynahan, while she was pregnant with his first child ... but I'm sure they've figured that all out by now, and he is hella cute with Gisele. He's clearly the Leo DiCaprio of the NFL and, therefore, definitely a nude must-see.

tom brady

2. David Anderson. He used to play for the Houston Texans and was just signed to the Washington Redskins. The wide receiver has that adorable all-American, clean-cut look, which means any woman would be nuts to not want to "receive" nude photos of him.

david anderson NFL

3. Matt Forte. The running back for the Chicago Bears has a sexy smile and an amazing track record. (Plus, the fact that he plays for the Windy City definitely helps, as far as this Chi-Town gal is concerned.)

matt forte

4. Miles Austin. Not only does he look like a supermodel, but the Dallas Cowboys' wide receiver recently founded The Austin Family Foundation with the mission of supporting and promoting youth programming, in lower income areas, that focuses on character development and community involvement. Awwww! (Just don't hold it against him that he went out with Kim Kardashian at one point.)

miles austin NFL player

5. Mark Sanchez. The USC-turned-Jets quarterback is totally drool-worthy. PLUS, he's into musical theater (he even presented at the Tonys!), and he's really involved in multiple charities like the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. HOT.

mark sanchez new york jets

I know, they're all so sexy, right?? Why the heck would we waste our time on that jerk Michael Vick, when there is so much of the above eye candy to be seen*.

*Hopefully, if nude pics of any of these guys ever show up, they won't be tied into some nasty cheating scandal, cause not only are they all uber-sexy, but they seem nice, to boot!

Be honest -- there's an NFL player you'd love to see in leaked nude pics! Who, who??


Images via Matthew Straubmuller/Flickr; Gail Oskin/Getty Images; Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images; Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images; Michael Kovac/Getty Images; Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

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