Army Jumping at New High-Tech Flea Robot (VIDEO)

Army sand fleeIt takes some serious kahunas for members of the military to willingly brave the dangerous terrain overseas day after day. Lucky for them -- and the sanity of their loved ones at home -- there's a tiny new super cool 'flea' robot that could make difficult missions a little easier. 

The shoebox-sized "Sand Flea robot" navigates around foreign terrain on four wheels, sort of like a remote control car. The gizmo uses a super powerful "leg" to jump as high as 24 feet in the air and hurdle over large obstacles. Then, the Sand Flea uses a built-in camera to take photos and video of the surrounding areas.

Sounds like a modern day Wall-E to me! It's going to have its first-ever battle test by the Army this winter in Afghanistan. You've got to see this thing in action to believe it:


Yikes! Just thinking of all of the buildings, rocks, and different kinds of topography the little flea-bot can scale is amazing. Plus, how useful is this technology? Can you imagine if this bot had been there when the Navy SEALs were looking for Osama bin Laden? They probably could have gained loads of useful intelligence in preparation for the big raid. Sure, the Sand Flea may only be the size of a toy car, but it has the potential to make such a strategic impact.

I'm sure families of those abroad would feel much more comfortable knowing a gadget like this is in harm's way instead of someone they love. I know I would have during my boyfriend's year-long tour in 2010. Now, if only I had my own personal flea-bot to play with!

Are you as amazed by the Sand Flea as I am?


Image via YouTube

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