New App That Helps iPhone Battery Problems Is a Godsend

Apple recently confirmed what plenty of iPhone 4/4S users already knew: some of the phones running iOS 5 have had "lower than expected" battery life. That's one way to describe the problem—my husband chose a more colorful route, referring to his brand-new constantly-in-need-of-recharging iPhone 4S as a "battery-sucking piece of crap."

While Apple promises that they're actively working on a fix for the battery issue, and a software update will be available in a few weeks that will address the hardware bugs that are causing the problem, that doesn't really help anyone whose phone is being a PITA right now. (My husband's phone not only runs down the battery on a constant basis, it gets super-hot to the touch while it's doing so.)

Luckily, there's at least one handy free app that can help you extend your iPhone's battery life ... at least until Apple releases iOS 5.0.1.


Philips BatterySense doesn't actually extend your iPhone's battery life on its own, but it's filled with interesting information about what you can do to maximize your remaining power when you're between charges. It basically takes a look at your device’s current battery charge, and shows you what functions you can use (talking, Internet calling, eBook reading, Internet browsing, playing music, playing video, standby time, and gaming)—and for how long.

BatterySense also offers ideas for preserving your battery life via a clever ‘What If?’ slider. Are you in need of five hours worth of gaming (you big old slacker, you), but the meter only says you have three? Move the slider up to five, and the app will suggest settings that you can change manually to free up those extra two hours.

There are things you can do to your phone to make it more efficient, like switching off your Wi-Fi, reducing screen brightness, ditching push notifications, and disabling location services. BatterySense provides an easy way to see your entire battery situation at a glance, and hopefully eke out a little more power before your phone goes belly up (or burns a hole through your pocket).

It's not a solution, exactly, but it might just help you out until Apple's fix is released.

Have you had battery problems with your iPhone?

Image via BatterySense

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