Tim Tebow Doesn't Realize He's a Joke

stephen tulloch tebowing denver broncos vs. detroit lionsDetroit Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch got in on a major fad sweeping the nation. He struck a pose (no, he wasn't Vogue-ing) known as "Tebowing" (i.e. dropping to one knee, perching one elbow on the other, and resting his head on his fist) ... right after he sacked Tim Tebow himself in a game. When later asked by a reporter if it bugs him that his opponents are Tebowing after they pummel him on the field, Tim just smirked and replied, "He was just celebrating, having fun with his teammates, and I don't take offense to that." Awwwww ... isn't he sweet?? Doesn't he play NICE?

Pffft. Actually, he's just fitting an old-fashioned football player stereotype and coming off as incredibly dense. Is he so naive that he doesn't get it? Anyone Tebowing on the field isn't just celebrating! Maybe they're "having fun," but it's definitely at the expense of him. Tebowing is always meant to mock the quarterback.


But see, it's not that these other players have a problem with his moral grandstanding. Some might, but for the most part, I'll bet they're just annoyed with the fact that the kid's basically been handed the starting QB title on a silver platter. He hasn't paid his dues or earned the stripes he's sporting now.

They're probably also sick of the fact that the guy soaks up boatloads of blind adoration from fans and the NFL. Yeah, if I was an NFL player with a few years on Tebow, I'd be irritated by that, too. It's not just irksome, but it's disheartening to think you could put in the time and be working your way up to a promotion in any job, and out of the blue comes some inexperienced kid with a really LOUD, persistent fan club. Somehow, that's enough for him to shoot right to the top of the totem pole! It happens all the time, but that doesn't make it right.

So as long as they're not hurting him, and especially as long as he keeps acting totally dense about it all, more power to the other NFL players "Tebowing" during a game! Tebow fanatics may believe the QB's heart is in the right place, but so are the hearts of the players who are making fun of him.

What do you think about other NFL players "Tebowing"?


Image via Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

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