iPhone Siri & Furby Chat Will Make You Laugh (VIDEO)

Siri FurbyIt was pretty exciting the day that the iPhone 4S hit Apple stores everywhere. As it should be! I mean, duh, everything that Apple puts their cute little logo on sells like hotcakes! But as cool as it was, it wasn't anything compared to the Hanukkah morning I got my first Furby.

You know what I'm talking about, don't you? The furry little electronic robot that looks like a cross between an owl, cat, and rat from the late 1990s? I was STOKED for Furby. My mother, on the other hand, was not. Soon after turning him on, Furby never shut up. I have a hunch Mom may have thrown him out (read: ripped out the toy's batteries and burned it) as soon as I learned about Gameboy.

So what happens when you bring together what are arguably two of the best pieces of technology ever but from totally different generations? Check out Siri, the iPhone 4S "personal assistant" that talks back to you, as she tries to understand Furby in this hilarious YouTube video after the jump:


Oh goodness. I have the iPhone by my side every day, but man does this video make me miss Furby. Looks like Siri doesn't exactly understand Furbish. Any true Furby lover can see that the little guy is just trying to tell Siri how much he loves her and the iPhone 4S! Through all his adorable cooing, he's saying, "I wish everyone still wanted me, Siri! I just want to be wanted like you are!"

The two gadgets are each amazing in their own right, and the video is a cute idea. Maybe the next iPhone update will include Furbish translations! Fingers crossed. As for what we'll see in the future -- I'm hoping someone takes on a project involving a Tamagotchi and an iPad.

Did you or your kids ever have a Furby?


Image via YouTube

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