NBA Still Loves Kris Humphries Even if Kim Kardashian Doesn't

kris humphries new jersey netsWhenever the NBA decides to get their act together and figure out this whole lockout situation, there's one player who won't be denied a free-agent contract. Kris Humphries may not be wanted by soon-to-be-ex-wife Kim Kardashian, but the guy shouldn't have a problem when he "comes home" to basketball. NBA execs are just as aware of the Kardashian divorce ridiculousness as anyone else in this country, but they've gone on record, noting that the made-for-TV marriage won't have any bearing on the 6-foot-9 power forward's future as a pro-athlete.

Even though he's quoted anonymously (because execs aren't supposed to be commenting on players), one exec said, "I don’t think I would let the [divorce] sway me. You hear he’s a good kid.” And he went on to express his only worry might be surrounding the "heckling" Kris will probably get from other players for a while. (Eh. He seems like he can take it, and I'm sure it'll be fleeting.)


I gotta say, I admire the perspective these execs seem to have on the matter. There's absolutely no reason this Kardashian Khaos should prevent Kris from returning to the Nets or any other team he ends up striking a deal with. Sure, if he had done something questionable to trigger the divorce, that would be one thing, but I think we can all agree the worst crime Humphries committed was maybe being a little bit of a fame whore. Or not having the brains or the guts to steer clear of the trainwreck of a wedding altogether. But neither of those mistakes matters whatsoever when it comes to his athletic potential or worth as an NBA player.

An Eastern Conference team exec said that he thinks interested parties might want to talk to Kris to "assess where he's at psychologically." But my instinct is that, although he may be as "devastated" as reports say he is about the divorce, he'll still be eager to get back on the court. Plus, I'm sure he's not planning on trading his basketball career in to launch a rap career a la K-Fed, ha! Not to mention, without having to Keep Up with cameras trailing him everywhere, I'm sure his head will be even more in the game.

Should the divorce influence how the NBA treats Kris Humphries?


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