Optimistic Football Fan Gets 'Super Bowl Champions' Tattoo

houston texans flagRemember when painting your face in your favorite team's colors was enough to indicate your status as Superfan? (Like that episode of Seinfeld? The Devils! The Devils!) These days sports enthusiasts are going to x-treme lengths to show their loyalty. Like Chris Brown of Midland, Texas.

You could say Brown is a bit of a Houston Texans supporter.

You could say that if by "a bit" you meant as big and wide as the entire freakin' Lone Star State.

Not only did Brown get a gigantic tattoo of the Houston Texans logo on his left forearm ...


He (very) optimistically included the qualifier "Super Bowl Champions."

The Texans have never made it to the Super Bowl. The Texans have never made it to the NFL playoffs.

Of course you never know, maybe one of these years before Chris Brown is too old to even realize it's football season, the Texans will pull it together and make it to the Super Bowl and then Brown's tattoo will make perfect sense.

Except, whoops! Brown isn't just optimistic, he's also psychic (apparently), or thinks he is. Because along with "Super Bowl Champions," he also included a specific year: XLVI. That's this coming February, sports fans.

Well, there's something to be said for positive thinking, I suppose. Still, I'm afraid Brown won't get what he really wants in February (you know, validation for his tattoo), so I'm hoping the Houston Texans will at least step up and shower this man in Texans schwag.

Do you know anyone who would do something this crazy to support a favorite team?


Image via M Glasgow/Flickr

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