Kim Kardashian Is Smart to Stop Following Kris Humphries on Twitter

kim kardashianBreaking news! Alert the press! Call the newspapers! As of Wednesday, Kim Kardashian has stopped following her soon-to-be-ex Kris Humphries on Twitter. People she is still following? DJ Pauly D, BarbieStyle, and Justin Bieber. To add insult to (Kris's) injury, he's still following her, though. And Kris Jenner. And Khloe. And Kourtney. And Scott freakin' Disick, for God's sake! Dude, let it go.

Now, I haven't agreed with too much Kim has done this past week. I'm more of a three-month marriage kind of gal myself, but I definitely think she made the right decision unfollowing his tweetin' ass.


See, long gone are the days of a breakup, or a divorce, just being a breakup, or a divorce. You can try avoiding your ex in person all you want, but with Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare, it's damn near impossible to ever get them out of your life completely (so you can heal or move on or whatever). Unless you unfriend/unfollow/undo whatever Internet ties you have to them.

The Internet, particularly social networking sites, is a fantastic tool for people starting a relationship, applying for a job, or for those who simply want to know if their friend really just stayed home last night. With the clickity-clack of a few keys, boom, you know everything you need to know. (Except for the lame cases where everything is set to private.) But for those involved in a breakup? No bueno. Who wants to see what their ex is saying, doing, thinking, and Tweeting? I'll pass.

So, Kim, good move unfollowing your husband of 72 days. I'm sure it will make this trying time in your life less painful. Kris, I suggest you do the same. And I'd unfollow her entire family while you're at it. That's just weird.

Do you unfollow/unfriend someone after breaking up?


Image via Mark Metcalfe/Getty

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