Don't Be One of These 5 Annoying Facebook Types

Facebook is a strange place. There are people I very much like in real life who I can't stand on Facebook, and then there are people who bore me in real life who seem to come alive on Facebook. Most of us who are really into Facebook have a love/hate relationship with the site. It's no wonder. Facebook has become a place where people can broadcast themselves and show sides of themselves you never even knew existed.

On the other hand, Facebook is amazing for seeing photos of long-lost friends' babies. There were people I barely knew in high school and college who I adore on Facebook and have become close to through the website. As a working mom, going out with friends isn't something I get to do very often, so Facebook IS my social life.

But there are really annoying people. The Boston Channel did a hilarious piece on their five most annoying types on Facebook, but here are my top 5 Facebook pet peeves:


The Know-It-All: This dude breaks in on everything and always has something to say. He may be a doctor or a computer programmer by day, but by night he fancies himself an expert on all things. He may be divorced or permanently single. She may be a crazy cat lady (we'll get to her, too) or a mess in relationships, but both will be able to tell you all about yours. They have a strong opinion on childbirth (even though they are male or have never given birth), and they will tell you just what you need to do in every aspect of your life.

The Insecure Woman: This woman wants constant validation so she posts photos of her in bikinis from every angle. She makes status updates about how "fat" she feels even though she is a hard-bodied P90X devotee. She makes comments on people's photos about how she "wishes" she were as lovely as them and on and on. She is fishing and it's annoying.

The Liar: This woman has a horrible marriage or relationship. You know it, she knows it, and everyone except Facebook knows it. On Facebook, she may as well be married to Prince Charming. On and on she goes about his glory. It would be nice if it weren't so insincere. Watching a person lie on Facebook is almost as annoying as watching them brag when it's the truth.

The Braggart: There is a very fine line between being honest and being a braggart. There has to be the right amount of self-deprecation, too. When all we hear about little Johnny is how he can swim, ride a bike, read, and do the multiplication table at the age of 4, then we are likely dealing with a braggart. I am not bothered by runners who post their marathon times (since I am one) or parents who post their children's achievements. I want to know those things. What I don't like are the parents who are CONSTANTLY CHIPPER and THRILLED with everything their child does. They never seem to have a bad day and their children never seem to fail. They make the rest of us hate our lives and they are annoying.

Crazy Cat Lady: Nine times out of 10, I do NOT want to see daily photos of your cat and dog. Yes, some are OK and funny ones are always welcome. But a constant stream of updates of your dog sleeping is pretty darn irritating.

Who annoys you on Facebook?


Image via Thos003/Flickr


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