Treating Female Sportscasters Like Braindead Hotties Is Getting Old

erin andrews espnWithin one 24-hour news cycle, ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews gets teased for innocently asking LSU head coach Les Miles how he determines how much coffee he'll drink in a day. (Apparently, this question means she "struggles with math concepts.") And then ESPN's Jenn Brown is mocked for tweeting about being locked in a bathroom. (Something that was admittedly a bit dopey, but still ...) If you're scratching your head wondering how any of this is really newsworthy or, more importantly, snark-worthy, then I'm right there with you.

Andrews and Brown being the butt of some sports bloggers' jokes has to do with one thing: SEX.


As in, gender.

These women -- and a few colleagues like Michelle Beadle -- have more in common than being good-looking female sportscasters for ESPN. They're minorities in a major boys' club, and because of that, they're constantly depicted as brainless, ditzy, silly, catty, and/or slutty. Why? It's very simple. Some men in the sports news biz are totally threatened by women working in a stereotypically "male" world. They have to knock 'em down a peg or two or a hundred.

See, because if they perpetually deride them and focus on their looks/sex lives/rivalries with female colleagues, they figure maaaaaaybe that'll detract from their knowledge or ability out in the field. Maybe it'll make them less intimidating as sports journalism professionals. Sigh.

Unfortunately, this happens in all different corners of media all the time every day, but when you see back-to-back blog posts that basically depict Erin Andrews and Jenn Brown as ESPN Barbies, it becomes unnervingly clear that the sports world is especially sexist and disrespectful to women working and succeeding there. What a shame.

What do you think about the way female sportscasters are treated in the media?


Image via ConspiracyofHappiness/Flickr

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