Zara iPad App Lets You Shop With Your Long-Distance Friends (VIDEO)

zara ipad appI suck at online shopping. Nothing I buy ever seems to fit right, and I'm always checking what the store's return policy is because, more often than not, I'm shipping things right back where they came from.

Does my scenario sound familiar to you? Well, lucky for us, things are looking up.

Zara, which happens to be one of my fave stores that just recently launched online shopping in the United States, is doing something to revolutionize the entire online buying experience. Right at your fingertips, on the iPad.

With a few drags of your finger on the Zara Online Shopping app, you'll now be able to conference with a friend WHILE looking at clothes on your tablet. Seriously, when did technology become so ground-breaking?! Watch how it works after the jump:


Totally. Awesome. I confess: My girlfriends usually poke fun at me for some of the wacky things I pick when I'm shopping on my own. Now with this app, all I have to do is ping one of them and then show them a few of the things in my shopping cart. Just to think, I could shop with one of my best friends currently living in Portland while I'm sitting in the comforts of my Connecticut home. That's something we haven't had the chance to do in years!

A concept like this once again reminds me just how amazing the technology behind the iPad and other tablets is. By simply entering a friend's email address, you can video chat, instant message, and voice chat while you both look at Zara's latest collection. It's a fantastic idea, making online shopping more interactive. Hopefully, other great stores will take a hint from the Spanish retailer and won't be far behind.

The only downside to the app is that the friends-connect feature won't exactly help avoid pitfalls like choosing the wrong size. Oh well. You win some, you lose some. Maybe virtual sizing will be the next exciting thing you can download on your iPad!

What do you think of Zara's iPad app? Would you shop with your friends?

Image via iTunes

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