NFL Star Kroy Biermann Won't Let Fiancee Kim Zolciak Ruin His Career

kroy biermann and kim zolciakCall me naive, but I'd like to believe that The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak probably doesn't think her relationship to Atlanta Falcons' starting defensive end Kroy Biermann draws any parallels to Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' failed nuptials. (Even though she is vying to broadcast their "I do"s on a reality TV special.) She probably just happened to fall in love with a pro-athlete, have a baby with him, and now wants to be his life partner in the most official way. Awesome. But judging from the way similar relationships (like KK and KH's) have gone down, you would think Biermann would be running for the hills. If he cares about his football career, that is.

What I mean is, it seems absolutely impossible for a pro-athlete partner of a reality show star -- especially one with her eyes on a spin-off series/books/entire fame game shebang -- to stay on his A-game!


Just look at what happened to Tony Romo while he was with Jessica Simpson. And she wasn't even being trailed by reality show cameras at that time! Blame the paparazzi, the hungry entertainment networks, or the reality star bride herself, but it just seems incredibly easy for these athletes to get sucked into a life that's completely outside of what they're trained and paid to do: Play a pro-sport.

Kim and Kroy though (ugh, don't you just love the alliteration!) may be the exception to this rule. See, on paper at least, Kroy seems like a really down-to-earth, dedicated football player. Get this: He hasn't missed one game since he was drafted by the Falcons in 2008. And he speaks like he has a responsibility to his team and the organization.

I want our team to be successful. At home, I want our family to be successful, but those are two different things entirely ... There's still a lot of my life that's very private and in our lives that's very private, so it's good. It's [Kim's] job, and it's my job. We keep them separate, and things are fine.

Obviously, he's an asset to the Falcons and the NFL, and he knows it. I don't think that's something he'll be willing to trade so easily for a fancy, but phony -- and much more public! -- life in front of Bravo viewers. Seems to me that as long as he's able to keep his wife's reality show drama off the field, he's got a sweet shot at keeping his football career on track.

Do you think it sounds like Kroy is the next Kris Humphries or David Beckham?

Image via Kyle Svendsen/Splash News

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