New Google Reader Really Is Less Convenient

googleBefore working at The Stir, I didn't think much of Google Reader. I mean, I had an account, but I didn't use it much. Now that I'm here, bloggin' it up full time, well, let me tell you, it's been a Godsend. Every morning when I wake up, I log on and, poof, right before my very own eyes are thousands of news stories, entertainment stories, and any other story that you fine readers of The Stir may find interesting all in one neat place. It's been incredibly convenient and it's saved me loads of time.

So you can imagine my shock, horror, and utter annoyance when I logged on this morning and saw that they changed the format. To make it less convenient.


Apparently, the new version is to deeper integrate Google Reader with Google Plus -- you know, that semi-defunct-seeming social networking site that Google is desperately trying to force down everyone's throats. Reader has taken out the Facebook-y "like" button and replaced it with a "+1" button that lets users share content to their Google Plus accounts. But that's not the thing that bothers me -- integrate with Google Plus all you want, guys. The thing that really sucks about the new design is, well, the design. Instead of looking like your Gmail account, the new Reader is colorless and everything is really spread apart, making scanning stories take twice as long. Not good for a busy blogger.

At first, I wondered if my distaste for the new Reader was just a knee-jerk reaction, like all of my knee-jerk reactions to technology changes -- every time Facebook changes their set-up, it always throws me off. But the more I've thought about it, and the more I've used it, I've decided no. The new Google Reader really isn't an improvement. But of course, I'll keep using it.

Do you use Google Reader? Do you like the new design?


Image via Robert Scoble/Flickr

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