Did Kris Humphries' Basketball Career Ruin His Marriage?

Kris Humphries Kim KardashianIt's like poor Kris Humphries got slapped on one cheek and then the other. First there's the rumor that he learned about wife Kim Kardashian filing for divorce the same way the rest of us did: through the media. And now the rumblings that the NBA lockout played a big role in the 72-day marriage crumbling sound pretty darn legit. Can't this guy catch a break?

Humphries is, of course, a free agent whose future has been hamstrung by the fight between NBA owners and players. With games cancelled by Commissioner David Stern through the end of the month, Humphries can't be re-signed by the New Jersey Nets OR picked up by another team any time soon. It's not his fault if that doesn't fit into Kim's world domination plans!


There have been all sorts of rumors lately (take 'em with a grain of salt, naturally) that Kris is spending too much time having fun while Kim has been working the Kardashian brand. And cameras have certainly caught KK sniping at KH that she can't work if she's stuck living in his native Minnesota while the NBA owners and players engage in a staring contest, waiting for the other side to blink. And when you add in the report last week that dating a New York-based athlete was just part of the plan to "pump up the drama" for Kourtney & Kim Take New York, an out-of-work athlete is not very helpful for the Kardashian Krew.

Yes, we may be indulging in some rumors mixed with fact here, but coming from a self-confessed workaholic like Kim Kardashian, it's not really that hard to imagine her getting P-O'd that her hubby is not go, go, go every minute of every day. Even while her marriage is having an uber public meltdown, she's on her famous Twitter account promoting her Kardashian Khaos store (while Kris is crying in his cornflakes ... or at least declaring he's going to fight for his wife).

Kris Humphries doesn't have much of a choice about his career right now. He's a professional basketball player. If there's no professional basketball to play, well, he's got a whole lot of thumb twiddling to do. The billion-dollar industry that is the NBA does not move in Kardashian time, where $17.9 million (yes, that's how much they blew on that fairy tale wedding) can be written off in 72 days. 

Poor guy's out of a job and out of a wife right now. The least the NBA could do is get a move on and get him back on the hardwood. Maybe it would make Kim reconsider.

Do you think she would have stuck around if Kris was shooting baskets in the New York metro area this month?

Image via Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

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